Large Format

In some ways I am new to large format photography. My first every exposure of a large format transparency was taken on Crown Graphic camera that I bought on eBay in 2008. I was shooting with Fuji Provia 100F. When I got the transparencies back from the lab I was blown away by the detail in the photo considering the ancient lens on my camera. Unfortunately, the lab I was using discontinued its large format service just a few weeks after I started shooting 4×5 format. I reverted back to medium format cameras, but really wanted to get back into large format photography.

A couple years later I decided to pick up a Toyo-Field 45CF camera — again on eBay — and to push forward with large format work. Living in Calgary means there are precious few options for film shooters who’d rather be behind the camera than in the darkroom, but after some digging I found a local, independent photographer offering black and white film development.

Although I started shooting large format back in 2008, I only ever had the chance to make a few exposures. That’s a big part of the reason why I consider myself a bit of a novice in the format. I see the challenge of making an image as synonymous the reason for making the image.

My passion for urban exploration has been a constant factor in my work, and now I am happy to say that large format work is taking on larger role in my progression as a photographer. I’ve never been one to talk about, or write about my photography. However, I think contemplating and describing images helps impart meaning and context, not only for me but for the viewer. That’s why I’ve decided to put a few words down along side these photos. With any luck two or three people might read them!

Kodak Tri-X 320 - Toyo-Field 45CF

Kodak Tri-X 320 - Toyo-Field 45CF

Kodak Tri-X 320 - Toyo-Field 45CF

Kodak Tri-X 320 - Toyo-Field 45CF


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