Konica Color SR-V400 (Expired 1989)


Notice Mag Q&A with Buy Film Canada

A collection of 35mm black and white films by Kodak, Ilford and Kenmore. Photo courtesy of Buy Film Canada.

As a film photographer, and lover of traditional methods of image-making, I was heartened when I heard about Buy Film Canada . Getting film in Calgary has gotten harder over the years, and although you can still find the big brands at places like London Drugs or Vistek, finding lesser-known brands is tricky. Thankfully, Buy Film Canada has recognized the demand and is offering Canadians another choice for buying films.

If you’re interested in this company, I recently interviewed the owner, Andrew Smales, about his business and some other film photography related issues. Check out the full interview at: www.notice.media 



Film Photography Light Leak


A photo of the Centre Street bridge leading into downtown Calgary, through Chinatown. This image was cropped from its original format due to a massive defect that destroyed the top of the frame.

© 2016 Jesse Yardley //  Calgary ProPhoto

Calgary Chinatown on Film

China Town CalgaryChina Town Calgaryagfaoptima100_bronicasqam_3agfaoptima100_bronicasqam_4agfaoptima100_bronicasqam_5agfaoptima100_bronicasqam_6

Calgary has a very small Chinatown in comparison to most other cities. Despite it’s small size it has some of Calgary’s oldest, most historic buildings. I shot this series of photos using a Bronica SQ-Am camera and AGFA Optima 100 film. Of all the film emulsions in all the world, AGFA Optima 100 is my favourite. This stock was already very old, expired film when it was soaked in the 2013 floods. It was stored in my basement cold-room, and was submerged for a couple days before I was able to rescue it. Even so, the colours it rendered were fantastic, giving an almost cross processed effect.