Strathmore Alberta

Fuji Acros 100 / Mamiya 7 / 43mm Lens

Shrine with Origami Cranes

Origami Cranes at Shinto Shrine
Fuji NPH 400 // Mamiya 7 // 43mm // Tokyo, Japan. 2016

Colourful collections of origami cranes are often found in Shinto shrines around Japan. The Japanese word for crane is tsuru.  The crane is a symbol long life, happiness, peace and good luck. In Japanese folklore, the crane was thought to live for a thousand years, which is why it’s a symbol of longevity.

The Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree in Sumida, Tokyo
Fuji NPH 400 // Mamiya 7 // 43mm // Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. 2016

I wanted a shot of the Tokyo Skytree. But I wanted a shot that would include both the sky and a real tree. In the park on the opposite side of the Sumida River near the Sumida River Boat Terminal — where you can board a water bus — I found an angle I liked. The real tree dominates the frame, making the Tokyo Skytree look very small. In reality, the structure is  634 m tall. That’s taller than the CN Tower. In fact, it’s the second tallest free standing structure in the world.

Flowers and doggy

Fuji NPH 400 - Mamiya 7 - 43mm - Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. 2016
Fuji NPH 400 // Mamiya 7 // 43mm // Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. 2016

The joy and pleasure of street photography is in finding little scenes that are usually overlooked by passersby. This urban micro-setting captured my attention while wondering the streets of Tokyo, Japan in May. The cluster of flower pots and the cute, diminutive statue of a dog, arranged on one side of the concrete dividing wall evoked in me a curiosity about the person who created it. Did he or she have a cherished pet, now passed away, for which the statue is a tribute? Or are the flowers simply a way to brighten the entry to a rather dull, urban dwelling?