The Urban Ranger on Instagram

My new Instagram account features urban landscapes and street photography. 

Film Photography from the Streets

WordPress has historically been my preferred destination for urban landscapes and street photography. I’ve enjoyed using the WordPress Reader to discover new photographers who, like me, prefer to shoot with film.

For me, film is a process and a medium that renders an experience that is unique. I have no illusions about the usefulness of digital image making — it is obviously very convenient and high quality. However, people tend to value things they spend time on.

Time is our most precious commodity, therefore when someone invests a great deal of time into a process, the result is typically valued to a higher degree than a comparable process in which the time invested was minimal. Of course, there are exceptions. That being said, I have always valued my film photography over my digital work, precisely for the reason that it takes longer to produce. Is this faulty thinking? Maybe.

Recently, I decided to create an Instagram account for the purposes of sharing my film photography with a decidedly different audience. Instagram has become one of the biggest photo-sharing services in the world. Although it is fraught with spam accounts and the like, it also contains some amazingly talented photographers. I enjoy being inspired by the street photographers I continually find on Instagram.

This site will continue to be my primary repository, however Instagram has allowed me to curate my work for a new audience. My Instagram account will be limited to black and white film photography.

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